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Regulator Brewing Company was started by two couples proud to call Hillsborough home. Dustin, Stephanie, Ryan and Anna put 10 years of brewing experience and obsessive passion to good use to open Hillsborough’s first nanobrewery.

North Carolina is a hotspot for craft and microbreweries.  What makes Regulator different?

Put simple – we make Beer from Here.

Regulator buys at least 75% of the ingredients (and often times more than 90%) in each batch of our beer from local farms.

Our production facility is up and running as of September 2015!  We offer three flagship beers – a Kolsch, Hazelnut Brown Ale and American IPA – along with a seasonal beer on rotation.  All are brewed using the best and freshest local ingredients, and will be available initially through bottle shops, local restaurants and other retail outlets.

The commitment to a thriving local food system runs deep in the Piedmont, and Regulator is fully rooted in that rich history.

The Regulators in pre-Revolutionary NC fought for the small farmers’ right to participate fairly in the local economy.  Not only do we support this standard, we believe that products grown by local farms are better for us and our beer.

By sourcing local, we continue in the Regulator tradition and invite you to join us each time you crack open a Regulator beer.


Regulator Brewing Company crafts exceptional, locally-sourced beer for the enjoyment of our community.


Regulator Brewing Company supports the redevelopment of a strong agricultural tradition in the North Carolina Piedmont.


Procure at least 75% of ingredients from local farms—Build a business that reinvests in the local community—Produce a consistent, quality product in tune with local tastes.

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