Sandy Creek

Style Saison · ABV 6.8

Grab a pint of this beautifully balanced farmhouse ale and head out into the great wide open–scratch that, you probably have an open bar tab. Stay put and imagine sitting in a [field/meadow/shady glen] with your [best friends/loyal hound/pet unicorn] while the warmth of the afternoon sun filters through [dandelion seeds/an oak tree canopy/puffy clouds] to kiss your smiling, upturned face (but not your beer, because that’s still the perfect temperature.) With me?  That’s what this beer is about.


This beer was 76% locally sourced:*

Local Ingredients

6-Row Pale Malt
Riverbend Malt (Asheville, N.C.)

6-Row Pilsner Malt
Riverbend Malt (Asheville, N.C.) 

Town of Hillsborough, N.C.

Non-local Ingredients
Flaked Corn
White Wheat Malt
Warrior, Simcoe,  Amarillo, & Citra Hops
French Saison Yeast

*Percentage locally sourced is determined by dry ingredient weight. 

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