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Remembering the Regulators

Before June gets away from us, we thought it worth mentioning that we enjoyed attending (a thunderstorm-shortened) Regulator Day Remembrance on the 19th just down the road from the brewhouse.  It seemed only fitting that we be there.

The Regulator Historic Site in Hillsborough is tucked behind the Orange County Board of Education building on E. King Street.  It commemorates the spot where six Regulators were hanged on June 19, 1771 after the Battle of Alamance at the order of the colonial Governor, William Tryon.

Local Historian Scott Washington recounted some of the history and Mayor Tom Stevens tolled a bell in their memory while a Regulator descendent read the names of those who met a rather gruesome end:  Captain Benjamin Merrill, Captain Messer, Robert Matear, James Pugh, and two whose names are unknown.

Scott Washington speaks at Regulator Remembrance Day
Scott Washington speaks at the June 19, 2015 Regulator Day Remembrance event

Interested in more Regulator history?

You can find a lot of information online – we’d recommend starting here and here.

What’s the connection to beer?

We’re glad you asked.  The Regulators in pre-Revolutionary NC fought for the small farmers’ right to participate fairly in the local economy.  Not only do we support this standard, we believe that products grown by local farms are better for us and our beer.

We’re still here!

We know, we know–it’s been awhile since we posted an update. Despite our silence here on the Brewlog, Regulator Brewing has been busy!

You may have seen that we got our federal permit back in April:

Getting our Brewer’s Notice was our first official hurdle as a brewery, and we were pretty excited–some of us more photogenically than others–because it happened much sooner than we expected.

So what are we up to now? County inspections, state permit applications, and label approvals, to name a few. We’re also securing supply vendors, cranking out test batches, and tweaking the brewhouse as we figure out better ways to organize the new equipment.

The takeaway: we’re making a ton of progress, one form/set of fingerprints (!)/label draft at a time.  We promise to keep you posted on what happens next (really!)

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