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Regulator is Legal!

Regulator is North Carolina’s newest brewery!  Yahoo!

So, we’re gonna crank up the system this weekend for a double brew day.  Is there a better way to celebrate Labor Day and our final permit approval?


Nope, we didn’t think so.

If you wanna know more about what we’ll be brewing, scroll down for details on beer names and the label design.

And we’re pretty sure that your now-burning questions include when and where to get Regulator beer. We hear you!  Details are coming on our beer releases, which we’ll share via our email list and on our events page.  If you want updates delivered to your inbox, sign up for the email list.  You can also catch us on Facebook and Twitter.


The folks behind Regulator Brewing, L to R: Stephanie, Dustin, Ryan, and Anna.
Stephanie, Dustin, Ryan and Anna


Putting a Label on It

Aaaaaaaigh, our first labels!  After settling on some names to get excited about, it was back to the drawing board for label designs.  We could work on these forever–well, I could–but what are business partners for if not to sit you down and say, “We like these. Let’s use them, for your sake. Also, take a shower.”



The “process”


So revision 4,821* is our winner. How did we get there? Inspecting the refrigerator case at Weaver Street, poring over excellent sample packs from local labelries,** having weird pitchfork-heavy dreams, and ultimately, going simple:


Tavern Alley
Six of Twelve


[Insert “Will they stick?” joke here.] We’re still navigating the federal and state label approval processes, but we’re fairly certain that what you see here will resemble something you’ll soon be able to find in a store. Keep an eye on our progress on the front page, and stay tuned!

*Number is approximate

**If this isn’t a word, it should be

Have you met… beer? On naming our flagships.

Hello BeerWhen there are over 3,400 breweries in the US, producing lineups that contribute to the over 500,000 types of beer listed on Untappd, naming a beer is no easy task.

So how do you approach choosing names for flagship brews, when there are so many out there already?  If you’re us, you throw around ideas for six months; you might even have fun with a beer name generator.  You pick a few names, only to discover that a fellow North Carolina brewery already uses them (well, two out of three, but what are the odds?) Finally, after mulling over your mission, vision and values, you land on a few names you think will represent local agriculture, the Hillsborough community, and, of course, the Regulators.

Without further ado, we’d like you to meet the Regulator flagship lineup:


Capsheaf Kölsch

Grain from North Carolina farms is the foundation ingredient of our beer, and using it is a large part of our commitment to the local economy. Meaning ‘cream of the crop’–the topmost shock of a sheaf of grain–we think Capsheaf is a name worthy of our crowd-pleasing, easy-drinking Kölsch.


Tavern Alley Brown Ale

We were pleased to learn that by continuing to gather around ale and spirits at local watering holes, Hillsborough folks are keeping a centuries-old tradition alive.  Tavern Alley in Historic Hillsborough hosted a variety of community events in the 18th and 19th centuries: we pay homage to the likes of Faddis’ Tavern with our hazelnut brown ale.


Six of Twelve IPA

After the Regulator riot in Hillsborough and the Battle of Alamance, Governor William Tryon executed six of twelve captured Regulators in Hillsborough as a warning to those who might continue to fight oppressive taxation.  Our IPA is dedicated to the men who died in support of what some call the first conflict of the American Revolution.

So there they are: our flagships, and the first three beers we’ll produce.  Let us know what you think on facebook or twitter, and stay tuned for a post featuring label designs!

Hops Harvest at Farm Boy Farms

In early August, the Regulator crew went out to Farm Boy Farms in Pittsboro to help with their hops harvest. We harvested Cascade, Centennial, Chinook and Nugget.



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