Let’s hear it for the gals!

It’s been a good week to be a lady: first, the Pink Boots Society Big Boots Brewday on Saturday the 5th–then, International Women’s Day on the 8th.

In celebration of these, and the fact that 50% of Regulator Brewing Company packs an extra X chromosome, Anna and I pushed up our sleeves and took over the brewhouse for a day.

Yes, that’s right: we pulled on our pink shoes and flowery boots, respectively (hey, those count, right?) and brewed you a batch of flagship Capsheaf Kölsch in the name of ladies… and beer.

Though it wasn’t our first beer-brewing rodeo, there was a lot to learn: while we’ve been busy building websites and running Kickstarter campaigns Dustin and Ryan learned some important things, like:

  • what happens when air bubbles get in your pumps
  • how fun it is when a hose burps 180-degree water on you
  • no matter what just happened, a bucket will probably help

In all seriousness, they taught us a lot, and as a result we’re hella proud of our brew (and our new skills). Who knows? Maybe this is the first of many lady-brewed Regulators.


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