Kickstarter Rye Pale Ale

We polled our Kickstarter supporters for the characteristics of their favorite beers and promised to deliver a crowdsourced recipe. The results suggested a classic American pale ale with a little extra spice, so we incorporated a little rye and wet-hopped this brew with Cascade hops from down the street. If you love it, feel free to take credit!

Wharrgarbl White I.P.A.

One of our most enthusiastic Kickstarter supporters got to design her own beer! We developed this recipe to blend her chosen style (White IPA) with her inspiration (Earl Grey Tea.) Wharrgarbl is flavored with Seville orange peel (source of bergamot oil), and spicy peppercorns. It’s bold and citrus-forward.

Knavery & Collusion German Chocolate Scottish Ale

The “knavery and collusion” of crown agents led the Regulators to riot. We got together with our fellow knaves at Mystery Brewing Company for our very first collaboration. “Knavery & Collusion” is a smooth, malty Scottish ale inspired by German chocolate cake–brewed with cacao nibs…

Wheatbeard Berliner Weisse

Wheatbeard Berliner Weisse

Light, crisp, and tart: our Berliner Weisse is either named for the “tuft of longhairs in plants such as barley and wheat,” or our favorite hirsute bartenders. Maybe both. We’ll let you decide.

Blackberry Capsheaf Kölsch

Blackberry Capsheaf Kölsch

We took our flagship Kölsch recipe and put a seasonal spin on it: gobs of blackberries from just up the road were added to make this special edition a fantastic late-Summer treat.

Stammtisch Strawberry Hefeweizen

Stammtisch Strawberry Hefeweizen

Stammtisch is a cool word–as the affable Rick Steves notes, “A good goal for a traveler is to be invited to the Stammtisch — the table you’ll find in most German bars and restaurants reserved for family, staff, and regulars.” We’re pretty sure most tables in Hillsborough qualify.

Basil Pepper Pale Ale

We took our Lawless Fury Pepper Pale Ale–pale ale brewed with local honey, jalapeño and cayenne peppers–and added some fresh lemon basil from up the road!

Battlegrounds Coffee Pale Ale

This beer started with a batch of Six of Twelve IPA whose hop profile just wasn’t up to snuff. While we couldn’t call it Six of Twelve, we could call it a great opportunity: we infused “Battlegrounds”–a hoppy pale ale–with fresh coffee from Hillsborough roasters Joe Van Gogh. The result is so tasty it may become a Seasonal release.

Blueberry Sandy Creek Saison

We took our Spring/Summer staple–Sandy Creek Saison–and punched it up with fresh blueberries from Cedar Grove Farm just up the road. It’s sweet, it’s tart, and spicy just like we like our Saison–with an awesome purple color, to boot!  Grab it before it’s gone.